Simple Tips on Saving on Fancy Dinner

The uncertain nature of economic climate these days obviously forces you to make compromises when it comes to satisfying your needs other than the most basic ones. The basics should have been covered by now if you knew how to manage your money to make ends meet. If you did not know how, you can learn one thing or two from and its articles that are so advantageous you would thank the writer in person. You might win that round (the part in which you have virtually managed to meet the basics and found no adversity at all of any kinds), but it is the tertiary needs that you have to consider this time. As an individual who has worked so hard throughout the week and for the entire month, it is only natural that you consider taking a break and cutting yourself some slack. This includes eating out at a fancy restaurant. Imagine the kind of happiness that radiates out of your kids’ face when you announce that tonight you all are going out for a fancy dinner. But is it wise to still spend on such a pricey portion of a steak while the money required to pay for the restaurant bill could be put into saving instead? What if something kind of an emergency is to pop up at the end of the day? Well, you can certainly enjoy some lavish dinner away from home with your family knowing that there are tricks as a workaround for this matter.

First, resort to water-only policy. Chances are, when you are at a restaurant, you would be tempted to order beverages to go with that steak you are craving for so much. But if that steak alone is already costly, should you add another entry to the bill that could result in hefty total sum? Plain water is usually provided for free. Even if there is charge on it (or if it’s bottled water), it should not be as pricey as other kinds of beverages. And really, no one really cares what you drink anyway. So, let your kids enjoy their milkshake while you should feel sufficient with a tall glass of refreshing water.

Another mistake you should avoid at all costs is refusing to bring your leftovers home. It is understandable, this aversion. You dine in a renowned restaurant and you feel that people might talk when they see you packing the remains on your plate. You don’t want someone thinks you’re miserly or something. But did you know that, again, no one cares. For all you know, you have been full before finishing your meals and you don’t want it to go into waste and that should be what matters. Also, it’s your money (your hard-earned money) that you use to pay for whatever is one the plate so you should never feel anything other than that you’re saving your investment when asking the waitress for a box to go. You’re not forbidden from enjoying fancy meals. You’re forbidden from being reckless about it.

Choosing Your Interior Look

When was the last time that you really looked around your house or even one room of your house and started thinking about what you were going to do about it and whether it really represented you? Most people set up their house once when they first move in and then don’t think about it again for a very long time. Maybe if it was your first house and your furniture started as a collection of left overs from family you might have replaced it once and then never looked at it again, but you should definitely pay attention to what you’re showing off in your home.

Designing Your Look

The first thing you want to do is look at Interior Design Styles In Detroit MI and find out what your choices are. What you’re really looking at, however, is actually just some basic styles and a lot of great furniture and accent pieces. Your style, after all, is going to be entirely your own. You want to make sure that you have something that will reflect what you like and what you want most in your home. By working with your own design you’re going to feel more comfortable when it’s all done.

Keeping Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of choosing your style and choosing the specific furniture pieces as well. You want the pieces to actually be comfortable for you to sit on or for you to use. For example, a couch that you can easily relax on and a dining room table that you can easily eat at. You also want to make sure that they are going to make you comfortable looking at them. If you hate pink and choose a pink chair you’re not going to feel very good about sitting in that room and staring at that pink chair every day.

What you want to do is make sure that you’re looking at plenty of different options and not just what you think you might like right from the start. You want to start by looking at different colors, different styles and different options. Sit on some of the furniture, pretend like you would be using it and see what you think of the comfort and versatility. You may decide that you really love something you never thought of before.

Where to Look

The best thing you can do is start looking anywhere you can. There are probably several furniture stores in your area and by making sure that you look at each of them you’re going to have a better selection of furniture that you can pick from. That means you’re definitely going to find something you love or you’re going to find a store that can get you what you’re going to love. After all, there’s always the option of having furniture custom made to fit exactly what your style and preferences are, so don’t forget to include that option when you make your decision either. If you’re thinking about custom furniture however, make sure you check out more information here.

How to Help Your Family in the Urgent Condition

Do you think that family is very important for you? Why do you think that family is so important for you? We know that we are living in the family and we need to make sure that we can prepare everything for our family. Of course you want to give something important for your family right? That’s why you need to remember that you need to put some consideration for your family. They are the close people in your life and that’s why if you want to have the good relation with them you need to make sure that you can prepare all of the ways for that. When your family member get the matter you need to find out the way how you can prepare for the good solution. For example, when you have the matter for your financial or your family get the matter related to the financial. As the family you need to give them the help of the financial. If you have the money it will be no such a matter for you but how if you do not have the good condition of the financial? You can choose money loans if you want to have the good loans. Then, you can try to see the loansforpeoplewithbadcreditcomparison in order to get the good information about the loans.

Here are some reasons why you need to choose money loans as the best choice when you or your family member needs the help. First the money loans offers you with the quick response of the loans. You will get the good loans for the quick response in the urgent condition. Imagine when you need to have the loans in the urgent condition, when you want to have the good loans you can have that. The money loans will help you to solve your financial matter in the urgent condition. Second, the money loans does not require you to have the complicated requirements. If you want to have the money loans service in the urgent condition, you do not need to show the complicated documents. You simply need to ask about the financial loans and they will process your request. It will be so that easy.

Then, you need to find out the comparison of one money loans to another money loans. This is important too since you will have the references from one money loans to another money loans. When you want to have the good loans service, you can see and compare which one of the loans that you can choose. You will never regret to choose the money loans since you really know exactly which one that you need to choose in this case. That’s why you need to remember that you should be careful well in choosing the money loans before you determine one of the best money loans. You can compare the weaknesses and the strengths of each money loans so that you will be able to choose one of them based on the needs of your financial too.  Good luck for you.

Modern Wall Coverings Tips

unduhanWall coverings are an easy way to give your walls a fresh new look. While there are several other ways to renovate the look of the interiors of your home, using a wall covering to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the walls is much preferred because it is a quick way out and not very expensive. Also, who can deny that the first thing your guests notice, once they step into the house, is the color and texture of your walls. Furniture and other items of home decor do matter but imagine a cozy designer sofa placed in front of a bare wall with ugly patches on it! Will it do justice to the look and appeal of the sofa you have spent so much on? Surely not. Then what needs to be done, you may ask. While painting your walls in various attractive and pleasing colors is an option, it is expensive. A wallpaper can solve your problem at a fraction of the cost. So, why not go for it? Using one on your walls can instantly change the look of the entire room. You can get them in an array of different patterns and in a range of materials like tiles, wood, paper, etc. Not only this, you can use them in different ways to create the perfect ambiance for your bedroom, that of your kids, or even the living room. To choose from the best modern wall covering options, read along.

Modern Wall Covering Ideas

Here we shall look into some of the most sought-after designs in wall coverings that are sure to end your quest for the ideal makeover for your walls.

Wood Paneling
Wooden wall coverings are preferred by many because of the fact that they can complement most interiors. Wood goes with most color schemes used for walls, which makes wooden furniture so popular. When it comes to wooden wall coverings, you have many options based on the color and texture of wood. The sophistication and natural warmth exuded by wood is hard to beat, and wooden panels are simple yet beautiful. Woods like oak and teak are mostly preferred, but rosewood, mahogany and other woods with fine texture, are also used. What’s more, you can customize the coverings to suit both, your taste as well as your budget. Vinyl-coated panels that are made by laminating patterns on plywood, are sometimes preferred because they are less expensive. While the look of vinyl-coated panels is like wood, they are prone to scratches and need proper care and maintenance.

Floral Wallpapers
Talking about using wall coverings with floral motifs, we know that flowers are the most beautiful gifts of nature and choosing a floral wallpaper is sure to add a fresh feel to your room. You can choose a wall covering that features your favorite flower or one that complements the furniture and items of home decor in the room. You can even opt for cartoon flowers if you wish to add a funky feel to your room or choose one in black and white! You’d find floral themed wall coverings mostly in paper but sometimes delicate fabrics such as silk are used as well, along with the use of golden threads for that dramatic effect. In case you are a lover and connoisseur of art, it would please you to know that you can find wall coverings inspired by the works of famous artists as well.

Wall Coverings for Kids’ Room
When you have set your mind on renovating the walls of your house, how can the kids’ room be left behind? When it comes to choosing a wall covering for your kids’ room, you’re literally spoiled for choice! From ones featuring Mickey Mouse and other popular Disney characters to ones that have the world map on it, there’s practically no end to what you get. Fairies and angels, popular movie themes such as Toy Story, fairy tale characters such as Snow White and Rapunzel, Barbie doll, toy cars, butterflies, scenes from nursery rhymes, planets and stars, baby animals, alphabets and numbers, serene landscapes, bright flowers…just name it and you’ll have it! It is also possible to put up your child’s own drawing as a wall mural with a little help from people who are in the business of creating customized wall murals and wallpapers.

Velvet Flock Wall Covering
Although this one’s a relatively new concept in the world of wall coverings, it is quick gaining popularity for its sheer appeal. Velvet flock is a fabric which is designed such that it has the look and feel of velvet. It is available in a range of colors and beautiful, attractive patterns. Using a velvet flock wall covering on your wall is sure to add a touch of elegance to your interiors. These wall coverings are easy to fix, easy to remove and does not need a lot of maintenance.

Abstract Art
Abstract art involves the use of colors and brush strokes to depict something that may not exist in the real world. In other words, abstract art portrays things that are not recognizable but are depicted purely for the sake of expression. Wall coverings with abstract art patterns are popular simply because they are unique and they urge the viewer to stop and think for a second. You can choose from abstract geometrical patterns, a collage of letters, splash of colors and many many more. Just browse through a collection of abstract wall coverings and choose the one that appeals to you.

Striped Wallpapers
This is a trendy idea for your walls and with the proper choice of colors, can transform the way your room looks, forever. You can be a little creative in choosing your stripes and go for wide stripes, pin stripes, horizontal or vertical stripes and even zebra stripes. Black and white stripes or those in light, pastel shades look the best. In case you wish to experiment with darker shades, play safe by combining them with white.

Tiles for Your Walls
If you are on the lookout for an all new look for your walls, try tiles! However, experts recommend that you keep it subtle by covering just one wall with tiles so that it gets highlighted. Another cool way of using tiles is to use them on a symmetric section of the wall, either vertically or horizontally. If you wish to feel like a princess in a castle, use tiles that give your walls a stony finish! You can choose from tiles in ceramic, cement or plaster of Paris. Tiles with carved patterns on them lend a vintage feel to your walls but before using them, check if they complement the theme of your home.

With the knowledge of some creative ideas for modern wall coverings behind you, hope you’d be able to choose a wall covering for your home that is appreciated by one and all. So, go ahead and get one. And who knows? You might end up falling in love with your home, all over again!

Ways to Remove Red Wine Stains from a Wall

So, you had a great party? But, oops, somebody spilled wine on a wall, and it looks like a mess now. Then roll your sleeves and get to the job of removing red wine stains from the wall. There are many ways to do this. You can use many household items to remove red wine off the wall. Removing red wine from clothes or carpet is easy, but removing it from wall can take some time and special products. Also, it is difficult to remove stubborn red wine stains from a wall, so you will need to work extra hard.

Plain Water
This solution is quite a simple one and should be done in case the red wine stain on the wall is a fresh one. Simply, take a soft absorbing cloth and take two bowls filled with water. Dip the cloth in the first bowl and squeeze out excess water, then dab it over the stained surface and see if the wine is coming off, dip the cloth in second bowl and wash it and squeeze excess water. Again repeat the whole process, till you are done removing all the possible wine from the wall.

Bleach & Water Solution
Make a solution by mixing half bleach and half water. Make the solution in proportion to the amount of spill that has happened on the wall. For red wine stain removal dip a clean white rag in the solution and rub the stained surface gently. Do this couple of times, till the wine stain comes off.

Mild Scrubbing
Take a melamine foam eraser sponge, and dip it in water. Start scrubbing the stained surface of wall slowly in small circular motion. Keep washing the sponge and remove excessive water from it, and keep scrubbing till the red wine stain is removed. Once you are done with this take a clean white towel, and dry away the wall surface.

Special Removal Products
There are special wine stain removal products like Wine Erase and Red Erase. These products come in small spray bottles and are convenient to use. All you have to do is spray on the wall surface with these products and then wipe away the excess liquid. These products are mostly designed keeping in mind clothes and carpet, but you can give them a try to remove wall wine stains. These products can also be used to remove stains of jams, jellies, gelatin desserts, grape juice, etcetera.

Repaint the Wall
Well, if nothing else works then you will need to repaint the wall. This is not as difficult as it seems. You can repaint the wall yourself or call for a professional. Also, many times even if the red wine stains come off with above solutions, then there is a possibility that there might be some discoloration seen on the walls. For aesthetic reasons, you can repaint the wall to make it look better. When repainting the walls to cover the red wine stains, first use a primer. Then use the paint color which was of the same shade of the previous wall color. After the primer has completely dried, apply the paint color and let it dry completely, then check. If still not satisfied with the result, then consider going for another coat of paint.

So, in case the stains are fresh go with the plain water or scrubbing remedy. For stubborn stains try the bleach solution or special products. However, as a last resort you can repaint the whole wall.

Tips to Stucco a Cinder Block Wall

Cinder block wall can be difficult to finish. Cinder blocks or concrete blocks offer an easier and less expensive way to construct walls as compared to the poured concrete. But when you build a wall using cinder blocks or concrete blocks, the end result is not much attractive. Though the construction is strong and will last longer, its appearance can ruin the beauty of your space. Well, if finishing the wall is the latest task listed in your to-do list, then here are some tips to help you work on the project. You can simply paint such walls to give them a nice finish. Let me tell you that applying stucco over the wall is the best way to give it a textured look and hide its unattractive surface. With stucco, you can convert the previously unattractive looking wall into a well-finished and beautifully textured surface. So here are some tips on how to stucco a cinder block wall.

Procedure to Follow

Clean the Wall
No matter whether the wall is constructed recently or is old, you need to give it a thorough wash which will ensure that the final result is good. Lots of dirt gets collected on this type of wall and in the gaps in-between. You can use a high pressure hose to clear off the dirt with plain water. If required, soapy water can also be used to clean oily surface. Make sure you use plain water from high pressure hose for the final wash. Let the wall dry off complete for a day or two. Make sure you fill up the holes and cracks and have the wall repaired before moving to the next step.

Apply First Coat
The first coat application is important to be done carefully as it forms the base of this finish. Stucco is basically a custom-mixed or a factory-prepared cement plaster. With the coats, you get a durable and lasting finish which is also an attractive and cost-effective solution. You can opt for a custom-mixed stucco for the first coat which consists of 1 part Portland cement and 4 parts fine sand. You can also consider mixing one part lime to this as the same offers ease of application. Slightly dampen the wall before application to get better results. Get started with the application over the cinder wall using a trowel. Load stucco on a hawk and then take it on trowel for application. Make sure you apply the mix carefully, covering entire surface with a thick coat. Use required pressure so as to press the mix into the wall as you go on applying it.

Finishing Coat
Once the coat is applied over cinder block wall it will take about 2-3 days to dry completely. Make sure that you leave the surface for drying till it gets complete dry and then start with the application of next coat. Well, this is the finishing coat and hence, it is best to use the factory-prepared stucco. Again, load stucco on the hawk and start applying it over the wall using a trowel. Once you apply a thick coat on the entire wall, use a straightedge wood for leveling the surface. It’s time to texture the surface while the coat is still wet. Get the trowel, broom, small plastic pad or other tools to texture the surface. You can texture it according to your likes but ensure that the same pattern is followed all over the wall. Texturing plays the most important role in the final appearance of this wall. Once you have finished texturing the surface, leave it for drying for 3-4 days.

Painting stucco is the final step of finishing the cinder block wall. Well, having an idea is essential even if you hire a professional for this project. This will ensure that you get the job done properly. You can also add your ideas in the texturing and coloring part. Fresh colors or using a mix of color shades to heighten the textured effect, is a great idea.

Painting Wall House

Wall paintings are an integral part of interior painting, and a fun way to accentuate your room. While it may seem a cakewalk to choose and embed a design for your room, but a lot of thinking goes behind sporting a look that talks about your persona. The design should invite positivity and instill a sense of belonging. Remember, the designs are gonna stay with you till your next renovation bumps. There are a lot of unique designs that can help you enhance the look and the overall appearance of your room. You can even decorate your kids’ room with cartoons and other similar themes.

Before adding any of the designs to the walls of your room, you must use a basic color. There are certain rules of applying paint to the walls, even if you are painting them as a part of wall art, and these are as under:
For decorating a room, painting it with proper paint is a good as well as inexpensive option.
The foremost thing to do is to buy paint and get the right equipment needed to paint the room.
Select the type of color―latex or oil based. Latex color on the walls is easy to apply as well as easy to clean with soap. Therefore, many people prefer the latex color. On the other hand, oil color must be applied with due care as it requires turpentine to clean it off from the skin.
The next step is to decide the finishing of the color. There are four types of finishing, viz., gloss, semi-gloss, flat finish, and satin finish.
Next, finalize the color and more importantly, the shade of the color.
For applying the color, the right equipment (brushes, rollers, etc.) must be used according to the type of paint to be applied.

Wall Painting Design Ideas
Choose warm or happy colors for coating the base. For designs, you can embrace nature―showcase tree branches, birds, abstract versions of natural beings―all things elegant and peaceful. Simple stencils can be used over the base color to add a different angle. The theme that you choose for living rooms should be welcoming.

For the Toddlers’ Room
The designing ethics for children’s room call for a lot of color and cute stuff. You can infuse their favorite animals, some game, rainbow, flowers, and what not! The best thing that we would suggest for painting walls of your toddler’s room is to ask him/her about it. Kids know what they want. 😉

For the Bedroom
When it comes to bedroom wall painting ideas, they often include faux painting technique to decorate the walls. Sponging the walls with the appropriate color can add a different look to the room.

Some More Samples
Just let your creativity and imagination guide you to get the right modern wall painting designs! And of course, Internet is the ultimate savior! Your room says a lot about you, so make the most of it!

How to Make Home Decor Beach

imagesHow wonderful would it be to wake up every morning to the soothing rhythm of the waves splashing on the shore! A picturesque house, complemented well with lush greenery and surrounded by a white picket fence, built on the warm sands facing the serene ocean is really a thing of beauty. A beach house on the backdrop of the ocean, looking like an oil painting is a feast to the eyes. Owning a beach house is a dream come true for many (count me too). The beauty of a beach house is reflected in the way it is adorned outside as well as interior decor. You need not burn a hole in your pocket for modeling the house as there are various ways to decorate a beach house on a budget. Before getting to the task of furnishing your dream beach house, you must remember to stick to creating the ambiance of serenity and relaxation. Let us have a brief overview on the different ways to transform a plain beach house into a stunning one, in the following paragraphs.

Creative Ideas for Decorating a Beach House

There are many innovative and attractive ways to furnish a beach house. The main motive behind decorating a beach house is that it should look spacious and uncluttered at the same time. Try different kinds of beach house furniture ideas to give your house a more classy and cozy appearance, the way a beach house should look. Beach cottages are mostly constructed of wood, so if you keep it natural, it would look quite attractive. Or you can also paint the exterior walls of the house in white or any other pale shade, with the roof having a bright color like brick red or brown. The interiors of the house can be customized according to your taste. There is a wide color palette for the rooms of the house. Here are a few color suggestions that can be used for painting the walls of the house – spa blue, teal green, ocean blue, shell pink, coral, sand, etc. Other settings in the room can be a contrast color for visual appeal. The emphasis of color should be such that it is light and bright at the same time. The floor of the beach house can be hard wood, wide plank boards that reflect simplicity and stunning features at the same time. You can deck up every room in the way you want using different accessories derived from nature, to give the room a coastal styled look.

Living Room
The focal point of every house is its living room, so in order to make this more attractive you can try mixing and matching various elements. The living room usually has a large window offering a panoramic view of the ocean. You can have window treatments to match the ambiance of the room. Hanging valences or drapes in white or colors like soft blue, sheer pink etc., can improve the look of the room and make it more relaxing. For the furniture, you can have slipcovered furniture. Couches and chairs made of pine is an excellent idea. Paint the furniture in white for a calming effect. An ottoman is also a good option when it comes to seating. If you have a mantel, you can decorate it with seashells, coral reef and other memorabilia from the ocean.

Dining Area
Let us now concentrate towards the dining room. Wood furniture will help keep the style casual and beautiful. Wicker furniture can also be considered for an option. A glass topped table surrounded by chairs to match will have an appealing look. The placement of this furniture can be made according to your preference, whether you want them to be placed in the center or in any corner of the room. For the lighting you can have glass fixtures on the walls, for an illuminating look. Having a beach themed centerpiece will also help add to the look of the dining room.

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is also another important room in a house. To get a timeless appeal in this room, plan out the furnishings well so that the room exudes a soothing environ. For the walls, stick to calm colors, which can be combined with a warmer shade. The rug for the bedroom can consist of geometric patterns. Get an upholstered bed and use beddings which have a soothing fabric and cool shades. Match the bedding according to the wall colors and other accessories present in the room. You can also use beach theme for bedrooms to create a breezy, oceanic room.

Guest Rooms
While decorating guest rooms, make sure you keep the wall colors and other decor neutral. You can use sea blue color combined with white or teal, seaweed green or coral. For an airy and fresh appearance of the room, use proper color combinations. Either paint the room in a single color or contrast a cool color with a warm shade. The bed and other accessories in the room should complement the wall colors. You can also hang drapes on the window.

The walls of the bathroom should be painted in soothing colors. If you have embedded tiles on the walls, you can choose tiles having oceanic motifs like seashells, sea animals, sailboats etc. The bathroom fittings can be of creamy marble or French vanilla for a clean, sandy look. The wall cabinets should be well contrasted. For this, you can choose walnut, or hard oak wood.

The porch is a place of private retreat where you can spend quality time after a long, tiring day. The mood of this place should emanate relaxation, so it is advisable to stick to white. The furniture of the porch can also be painted white. You can place Adirondack furniture in the outdoors where you can just sit back and relax in the mesmerizing view of the ocean. Hanging a hammock in the porch is also another good option. For the effect of a coast, you can add shrubbery and plants in your porch, along with wicker lounge chairs for that beach experience. From here you can enjoy the magnificent view of the rising and setting sun, getting enchanted in its aura.

Implement these suggestions and see your dream unfold before your eyes. Along with the above mentioned tips for decorating a beach house, you can also pool in your ideas to get that stunning coastal getaway situated on the beach, facing the azure waters of the ocean. So, get ready to enjoy the cornucopia of pleasure in terms of warm sunshine, fresh breeze and the music of the waves!

Tips To Guests Comfortable At Home

Most of us have a spare room in our homes, which gets converted into guest rooms upon impromptu arrivals. However, a guest room cannot just be a guest room. Just as you feel welcomed when you enter a hotel room, your guest needs to feel the same too. Little things that add to the convenience and comfort make the guest feel cared for and looked after. Making your guests feel at home requires some thought and planning. Although it isn’t much of an effort, you need to keep in mind certain details to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Here are a few things that will make the guest room as comforting as your home.

How to Prepare a Guest Bedroom

Clean Linen
Bed sheets and clean curtains are the first things that we notice when we enter any guest room. A clean set of linen makes a good impression on the guest. It speaks volumes about the simple sense of hygiene and cleanliness. Additionally, it makes the room look good too. Use light-colored sheets as light colors make the space look bigger than it actually is.

Fresh Toiletries
Using someone else’s soap or a shaving kit is a big turn off. If you don’t do it, do not expect your guests to do it either. Buy a fresh set of toiletries for the guest bathroom. This includes shampoo, conditioner, scrubs (as disposing a loofah would be expensive), toothbrushes, soaps and shower gels. See that the bathroom is washed, sanitized and free of odor. You can keep a few fresh flowers too, to make the bathroom smell nice.

Well-Made Bed
A crisp bed with soft bed covers and a warm blanket will give your guests a much-needed good night’s sleep. After a long journey, a well-made bed seems like the perfect way to make your guests feel at home. A comfortable bed is especially a great savior for overnight guests on a break journey.

Functioning Fixtures
If you have a heater, AC, fans, TV or any kind of fixtures in the guest room, make sure that they are functioning properly. A non-functioning AC on a warm night can be very irritating. Similarly, all other electric gadgets need to be in order before your guests arrive. Adequate lighting is another important aspect one needs to keep in mind while making a guest room. Besides the wall lighting, keep a nightstand to help out a nocturnal guest.

Laundered Towels
Nobody likes to use wet or stained towels. Providing your guests with laundered towels is a crucial part of making them comfortable. Getting soft, washed and fragrant towels are not difficult to find. Hand them over to the nearby laundry and you shall have them delivered to your home before your guests ring the bell.

Pair of Slippers
It gets uncomfortable to walk on floors that are extremely cold or dusty. Also, wearing slippers keeps the feet clean and prevents any kind of foot infection. Take care of this aspect, by providing your guests with a pair of slippers.

Most people forget to place dustbins in guest rooms. Many a time, this accessory is overlooked too. However, a dustbin in the guest room is very important as it keeps the room clean and saves your guest’s efforts to look for a dustbin all around the house to dispose the waste.

Something Special
Besides the aforementioned, walk an extra mile to make something special for the guests. If you know your guests well, then cooking their favorite meal, making their room in their favorite color, planning a nice dessert treat or catching up on movies that you’ve wanted to see together will truly make your guests feel at home. Small gestures that touch the nerve indicate your love and courtesy towards your guests. A good room is what any hotel can provide, but a personal touch can only be felt at home!
Stocked Up Bar

  • Adult guests would surely enjoy a round of drinks after a long day of travel. Ask your guests in advance about their favorite brands and stock up the bar in the room. Relaxing with a drink is a classic way to call it a day!
    House Tour
  • Take your guests around your house and show them the way you’ve done it up. Showing them the place that means the world to you, will surely make them feel important.
  • Bookworms
    Some people cannot fall asleep without a book. Pile up interesting novels, magazines and journals for these veracious readers. You could even ask them which book they would like to read, to make it even more special.

Making your guests feel at home is no big challenge. While making the guest room as comfortable as possible, think of the things you would yourself need while staying outside your house. Answer each question with honesty and you’ll have the perfect room for your guests!

How to Make a Tree Stump Being Home Interior

Among the numerous ways in which tree stumps can be utilized creatively, one of the most appealing ideas is to cut thin slices and place attractive floral arrangements and other decorative embellishments on them. You may even paint or decorate the stump; however, it is best to leave it as is, to achieve an authentic and rustic look.

Tree stumps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While a cross-section is generally symmetric, choose one that includes the bottom of the trunk and place it in your yard. Similarly, you can chop logs for wood slices as well as carve them through the middle to create decorative hollow stumps.

Scrape and clean an old tree stump and paint it white. On top, place a dish of water, and convert a simple stump into a regal bird bath.

Use a hollowed tree trunk to create an exclusive fire pit for camps, barbecues, and bonfire parties

This idea can require wood carving skills, so take professional help if required. Use different tools and create spooky faces from or on the wood stump! You may also paint them and adorn your garden.
Place pots on the extended branches of an old tree stump. Plant attractive blooms into the pots and watch the garden transform into a riot of color.

Place wooden planks on a tree stump to create tables and seats. You have the most serene backyard seating arrangement ever!

Paint stumps in bright colors and use them as seats.

Plant small shrubs or blooms in the tree stump. Your garden is definitely going to be the talk of your neighborhood!

Check out the various ways in which you can creatively transform your wooden logs into objects of utility!

A simple and unique way of using wood stumps to create a lovely swing for your garden.

Cut thin slices from a larger log, clean them thoroughly, and use them as individual coasters. Likewise, saw off slightly larger cross-sections of the wood stump and use them as serving trays.
Place a miniature wooden bird feeder on one of the tree stumps and watch your garden turn into a paradise for the birds!

Hollow out a small section of the wood stump. Pass a long flowering stem through it and create a unique flower arrangement.

One of the most common tree stump uses involves creating a table. Smoothen the stump and use it as a rustic serving table.

Another creative yet simple use is to make nameplates or writing boards out of the wood stumps. Clean the stumps and use them as menu cards, to-do-lists, nameplates, etc.

Place LED strips or glowing electric lights within a hollow wood stump. You can use embossed, transparent sealants to cover the exposed areas.

Arrange wood slices or logs in attractive patterns or designs, click pics of these patterns and frame them on your living room wall.

Use tree stumps as decorative candle stands or holders. You can also place the candle within a small depression created in the stump.

Clean and smoothen a tree cross-section and use it as a rustic chopping board.

Use them as decorative item stands or holders that can support flower vases, willow baskets, lamps, etc.

You can smoothen the wood stump and paint it in royal colors, like gold, silver, cobalt blue, etc. It can then be displayed as is, adding to the surrounding decor.

Create a set of tables of varying heights, entirely out of wood stumps, which can then be creatively placed in different areas of your backyard.

You can hollow out miniature tree stumps partially and use them as attractive vases for your garden blooms.

Check out these unique creations! The chair and stools are simple yet quite nifty! Note that to create some of these pieces of decor, you may require professional help